CSGO Skins – How to Improve Accuracy


Before everything else, accuracy comes first. if you are the type of person who can take good position, but can’t aim really well, then, you are reading the right article. We are going to fix that dumbness of yours.

Don’t buy CSGO skins thinking that your aiming will improve. Cs go skins purely aesthetic.

Aiming somehow has something to do with reflexes. You should be able to react as fast as possible as soon as you see the target. If you don’t have a fast reflexes, there is no problem! You will just have to rely on your prediction, which is even better than any person with monstrous reflexes. There is no way a person can beat a person who can see the future.

One thing: you can give up on your reflexes, but don’t ever give up on learning the game. Having a vast knowledge about the game allows you to predict accurately.

CSGO Skins – Sensitivity


Let’s start with technical stuff. In basic terms, the value of sensitivity dictates how fast your mouse goes, the higher the value the faster your crosshair.

There is no magic formula to get the perfect sensitivity. Sensitivity is purely personal preference. All you have to do is find the perfect sensitivity for you. The value you are comfortable. Don’t ever copy someone’s sensitivity as it is a personal preference, not a doctrine.


If you have a decent reflexes to rely on, good, but you still need to pre-aim. Pre-aim works best with people with slow reflexes (in fact, nobody knows that they have slow reflexes. Everybody thinks that they have fast reflexes).

Pre-aim is putting your crosshair in a spot where an enemy is likely to appear. It is why we need a vast game knowledge in order for pre-aim work.

Recoil Pattern

Every gun in counter strike global offensive has its own recoil pattern. Grasping the recoil patterns of main guns like AK-47 and M4 will definitely improve your aiming, although it takes a lot of practice.