CS:GO Skins – Guns, Knives, and Item Customization in Global Offensive

Players appreciate the freedom to customize certain features in their game, especially in games like Warframe, DotA 2, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive where there is a tendency for the gameplay to become repetitive. It gives them identity. It grants them bragging rights. It shows their taste—or even their lack thereof.

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The Basics of CS Skins and Types

Item customization make a game a lot more interesting, which is why CS:GO Skins or finishes actually exist. These skinned weapons have varying textures that the player may equip in-game, but they are purely cosmetic; although in some cases, the different colors and textures may be utilized for your tactical advantage (as well as to your disadvantage). There are several different grades of Weapon skins according to their rarity: White skins are consumer grade, Light Blue skins are industrial grade and more uncommon, Dark Blue skins are Rare, Purple skins are Mythical or Restricted, Pinkish Purple skins are Legendary, and finally, Red skins are Ancient. Generally, the rarer the skin is, the more it will be worth—unless, of course, that skin is frequently worn. M4, AK, AWP, and Gloc skins are more expensive than other skins in the market, which is why the AUG Chameleon, a Red-Tier item, will still be less expensive than Redline AK. Know that there are also five different qualities of weapons. They are Battle-Scarred, Well-Worn, Field-Tested, Minimal Wear, and Factory New, listed from most worn to least worn respectively.

How to Obtain CS:GO Skins for More Guns-Blazing Action

CS:GO items can be earned after matches through random drops. These skins are White through Purple, except Pink-Tier items like the SCAR-20 or the P250. Unboxed skins from crates are Dark Blue through Red. The Operation Phoenix crate may give you one of the two most expensive skins in CS:GO – the AWP Asimov and the AK Redline. Other than through random drops and opening crates, skins may also be obtained through trading with other players, or through buying via the Steam Market. For more seasoned players, you may also create your own weapon skins through Valve’s Weapon Finishes Guide.

Rare Knives and Securing Stealth Kills with Your CS Items

All cases have a chance of containing special items, coming in the form of knives. These knives have hidden tiers of rarity, with Flip and Gut knives being more common, Karambits and M9s being the rarest, and Bayonets being in about the middle. No specific knife skin seems to be rarer than another, but some skins are more valued than others: Fade, Slaughter, and Crimson Web knives are in demand, and Boreal Forest, Safari Mesh, Scorched, Forest DDPAT, and Urban Masked are the ones that don’t really get attention in the market.

CS:GO Skins for Your Growing Skin Collection

Skins come in collections. Some of the old CS:GO items collections are the Assault Collection, Office Collection, Nuke Collection, Militia Collection, the Phoenix Case, and many more. Other weapons also have special components such as the StatTrak, which displays the player’s kill-count.

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