CSGO Skins: Left In De_Dust

Among the many maps of CSGO, De_Dust 2 is undoubtedly one of the most popular ones, if not the most. But despite how iconic the map is, it still isn’t excused from the rotational removal of maps from active duty. This, of course, has saddened a lot of players, especially pros who excel in the said map.  Looks like people will no longer be betting their CSGO skins on De_Dust 2 players as much anymore.

After the conclusion of the ELEAGUE Major, it was announced right away that the fan favorite Dust 2 has been taken off the Active Duty and won’t be back anytime soon. On the other hand, Inferno, which was removed and reworked a few months ago, will not only be returning to active duty, but will also be replacing this particular fan favorite.

CSGO Skins: Dusted Off

This particular move has obviously left a lot of players unhappy, as the map has been much-loved since the days of CounterStrike 1.3. And while the map is still very much playable in other game modes, it definitely won’t be the same. In addition, this move is seen as unfavorable by a lot of teams, especially those that tote CSGO Skins, as they’ve done a lot of practice in the said map, They thought it’s going to always be one of the mainstay maps because it’s iconic and popular. Except it didn’t. De_Dust 2, despite how classic it is, still got booted off.

Like what’s been previously said at least twice before, this is going to be bad for the players, especially the pros. But for the game itself, and for the eSport aspect of CSGO, it can only be a good thing, as this will force teams, especially those that have become too used or complacent with De_Dust 2, to git gud with another map – or even all of them.

It’s sad to see a beloved map get booted off the limelight. Yet at the same time, it’s also sad to see players get too used to one map. But then again, who knows? Maybe, and maybe sooner than later, DeDust would be back to its rightful place in active duty. You can bet your CSGO skins on that.