Pro Players’ Integrity for CS:GO skins Collectors


This article serves as a message to professional players who have lost their passion over money. Professional players are developed through their own burning passion. A professional player being integrated in such scheme kills the electronic sports industry. It finally came, video games considered as a new form of sports. Now, those passionate people who created electronic sports are slowly killing the electronic sports industry in exchange of money.

Players ‘Integrity for CS:GO skins Collectors: Match Fixing

Basically, gambling is the source of this madness. Wherein, later turns into match fixing. Match fixing is where professional players deliberately lose a game in exchange of money. It is either someone who bet tons of money asked them to lose or betting thousands of money themselves and losing on purpose.

The root problem is gamble. Money freaks started it. And they are starting to corrupt every gamers’ dream – electronic sports. Someone should make a stand to stop their havoc. They are people without passion on electronic sports; their goal is to gain money. They shall be purged in the community.

Players’ Integrity for CS:GO skins Collectors: Gambling Websites

We are not talking about betting cs skins, but betting real money on certain websites.

Wherein: legal betting utilizes skins, while illegal betting uses real money on certain websites.

Valve’s first action is banning professional players who are affiliated with match fixing permanently because valve has limited rights when it comes to shutting down a website, as a result, they resort to banning pro players from competition.

Players’ Integrity for CS:GO skins Collectors: Conclusion

No doubt, watching a match between good players is enticing. However, what if the match is already settled? Wherein, some people are behind the game’s outcome? We do not get to see anymore how a certain player perform really good, and all of sudden the player performs really badly. It is disheartening, especially when it is one of the best players in the game.

If match fixing continues, electronic sport has a little time left in the industry of business, meaning, nobody is going to recognize gaming as a sports.


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