Mid Control Strategy for CSGO skins Collectors Part 2


In the first part, we primarily talked about the advantage of terrorist. In this article, we are going to focus on what counter terrorist could bring into the table against the terrorist.

At the beginning of the game, technically, terrorist team has the advantage in the middle, as they can peek, and gather information about what’s the plan of the other team.

Terrorists have these amazing advantages, but counter terrorist has the advantage in terms of getting into bombsite b or a first.

CSGO skins: Battle of Smoke

csgo boosting experts will utilize the smoke grenade efficiently.

In order to deny the terrorist’s advantage of getting information through head counting, someone in the counter terrorist side should put a smoke screen to block and deny the information.

However, simply putting a smoke screen in the middle is a signal that someone’s planning to cross, which still an information for the terrorist. But counter terrorist side could simply put a smoke screen but not actually crossing mid.



Theoretically, terrorist has the advantage due getting information, and a team faster to arrive at the middle. Technically, it is a balance in terms of taking the middle. The only advantage terrorist is their starting position. Wherein, upon spawning, mid is already visible on them, which allows them to head count how many counter terrorists are headed on the other side.

Terrorist cannot simply take middle for granted. The counter terrorist has catwalk as route in the middle, which terrorists rarely notice.

For faster travel in the middle, boosting is necessary.


After all, it will all come to this – positioning. Why do terrorist get some information about the counter terrorist’s whereabouts? It is for the sake of positioning!

Remember, positioning highly boosts aiming a lot, especially when guided with strategy. It is like a multiplier in other games.

Theoretically, the battle between good players is positioning, as all of them are good at aiming. Wherein, positioning serves as a tie breaker.


Discuss what you think about the strategy of counter terrorist with csgo skins collectors.

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