Mid Control Strategy for CSGO skins Collectors Part 1


Controlling middle is a crucial part in cs go steam when playing in de_dust2

Middle part of de_dust2 is a crucial part of the map. It is the map’s part where game’s outcome is decided. Being able to determine the scenario on the middle is gaining the ability to predict where the round’s main battleground will take place.

In this part, we are going to discuss how terrorist side could take advantage of middle against counter terrorist.

Bomb mode on counter strike is like hide and seek. Counter terrorists are the seeker, while terrorists have to hide. Wherein, most of the time, counter terrorist side is always the one chasing down the terrorists. Basically, terrorist side is the one to decide where the fight would be.

CSGO skins: Getting Information


A terrorist can gain invaluable information through simply looking at the middle, determining the number of counter terrorists crossed middle.

Basically, if most of counter terrorists crossed through the middle, then, most likely, they are planning to devote their main forces on the A side, which allows the terrorist to mold their strategy like killing the ones who crossed the middle first.

Faster Travel

Middle is connected to both bomb sites A and B. Wherein, taking control of middle means travelling faster at the start of the game, not necessarily crossing bombsite B to A that is a long journey.

Counter Terrorist

If terrorist side could take mid with ease, counter terrorist has the potential to juke the terrorist, flipping the table, and turning the terrorist’s advantage against them.


It is a mind game after all. It is why counter strike has become so popular. It is not the mechanics of counter strike that makes it famous. In fact, counter strike’s mechanic is hard to grasp for first person shooter gamers. It is way too different. It is the map design and simplicity that makes counter strike playable around the world.


Discuss what you think about counter strike strategies and composition with csgo skins collectors.

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