CSGO Skins: Mirage For CTs

Now that we’re done with the Terrorists, it’s time to show the CT some love. Here are some tips for CTs in Mirage so that they can earn themselves CSGO skins in the map.

Since this is a bomb scenario, CTs got it easier, because all they need to do is prevent the terrorists from planting the bomb, or defuse it before it explodes. And to make things even easier for them, their spawn point is very close to Bombsite A. On the other hand, Bombsite B is much further, but it’s still much closer to the CT base than it is to the Terrorists’. This, however, doesn’t mean you and your team should be complacent.

From the get-go, it seems like CTs should split into two groups in order to secure both bombsites. While definitely not wrong, it would be much better to split into three – one to Bombsite B, one to Bombsite A, and one to Mid. But why include the Mid? That’s because there are many CSGO cases where terrorists will be passing there as well, or they might even choose not to pass through the Apartments altogether and go completely for Mid instead. This way, you have already stopped some, if not all of them, in their tracks.


CSGO Skins: CT Strategy

And if those on Mid don’t find any Terrorists, that’s alright; they’re en route to Bombsite B anyway. And because it takes a longer to get to B from there, the timing of the arrival could be perfect, as you can walk in at the exact moment the terrorists are planting the bomb.

As for those who are already on Bombsite B, the best places to set up a surprise attack would be on the B (a ledge near the end of the Apartments), the Van, and on the bombsite itself, with the last one being a pretty well-covered area where aimers can get a clean shot of incoming CTs. Bombsite A, on the other hand, is a much simpler set-up.   Just hide on the usual spots and get a sniper ready, then you’ll be on your way to get some CSGO skins.

Regardless of what your team is, or whether you have CSGO skins or not, with these tips, you’re going to do much better in Mirage. So next time you roll into this map, you’ll be ready.