CSGO Skins: Mirage Guide

If you’re tired of the usual Dust and Dust II but still want a Middle East-themed map, then Mirage is the perfect choice for you. It’s the same boxes-blowing fun as the Dust maps, except this one feels a lot more inspired, a lot more open, and has a lot more going for it. This map is also quite challenging, so if you want to rank up and earn CSGO skins in this map, then you’re going to have to learn a trick or two.

So, which side do we cover first? The Terrorists, of course. This is, after all their home turf. And judging by the overview, it seems like they got it hard on their own backyard, as the CTs have the advantage on both the terrain and the scenario, since all they need to do is to ensure that terrorists fail to plant the bomb without them getting wiped out. Difficult, however, doesn’t mean impossible; instead, it means challenging. After all, there’s nothing like getting CSGO skins after a win in this map.


The more “blood”, the more likely there will be gunfire in the area.

CSGO Skins: The Terrorist Way

On to the main topic: what should the Terrorist team be doing in order to win. Of course, first and foremost would be to fulfill the bombing objective; wiping out the opposing team should only be a secondary option. Having said that, now comes the important question: which bomb site should Terrorists go to? That depends on the team’s preference.

Bombsite A, despite being farther than Bombsite B from the Terrorists’ base and at the same time literally a stone’s throw away from the CT base, is much easier to get to. Unlike Bombsite B, you no longer have to go through the path to Bombsite B, which is a long and winding tunnel-like series of living quarters. That, however, doesn’t mean Bombsite A is safer, as both of them pose their own CT-induced dangers: A probably got a lot of snipers waiting for you, while the claustrophobic path to B probably has a lot of CTs waiting to ambush you.

Yeah, we didn’t get into the Strategies. Sorry about that. We’ll get to that next time. And hopefully with the CSGO skins too.