The Business of Valve for CSGO skins Collectors


Looking at counter strike, it seems that it does not gather much profit. Upon buying the game, players are not forced to buy anything for the sake of equality, which makes counter strike a game to love by poor people and the rich alike if they want a fair game. There is no advantage upon spending money on cs go skins, but only aethetic

Counter strike did not come from valve’s mind, it came from an avid half-life fan who created a mod called ‘counter strike’ which had a big transition and became the counter strike global offensive today.

CSGO skins: Valve is Against Mods

For the first time, valve raises its iron hand made of money from players who create ideas about their game. Basically, this community does not create game modes, but modified skins, or skins in the cs:go trading market, which allow players to try or equip the skin without having the skin in their inventory.

Valve’s is against this because it decreases their profit from skins. And let people image that counter strike global offensive’s livelihood is all coming from these skins.

the Ban Hammer


Since valve is against skins made by the community, they are going to start punishing players who keep on doing the said skin modding.

They did not create the game with enjoyment of counter strike fans, but created the game with money in mind. It is all about profit!

In fact, there will be no games, or entertainment without profit on them. Gamers hate businessmen. The fact is fine games won’t even exist without these businessmen. There will be games, but not as good.

Is it Fair?

In the viewpoint of business, yes, it is not that valve is already rich, but valve also has employees who maintain the servers of counter strike. If counter strike does not make any profit, then, they are to close the servers.

In the viewpoint of the passionate, no, because valve is hindering them from creating something, may it be art or fun.


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