CSGO Skins: More Mirage Tips

Sorry to leave you Terrorists hanging. Anyway, here’s the much-needed follow-up for Mirage tips so that you can win those CSGO skins.

We last left off at the routes to Bombsites A and B and the dangers that await you as you traverse them. Well, what do you expect? Of course there’s always going to be a risk of casualty, and you have to go there to win (unless you want the CTs to come to you and kill them, which is also a strategy in itself, but not an advisable one). And for that, here are some strategies you should follow.

For Bombsite A, don’t go anywhere near the double doors – it’s almost a certainty that a sniper is waiting there for you. But if you’re insistent on taking that path, snipe from the sandwich. On the other hand, if you’re more of the avoidant type (which is much more preferable), then you should pass by the palace and onto the balcony.


CSGO Skins: A and B

Once you get in Bombsite A, plant the bomb as quickly as you can while ferreting out any possible CTs in the area. It’s also wise to be always on your toes and guard the bomb from all angles, preferably with snipers, as CTs can come in at any time since it’s basically a few steps from the CT base.

Bombsite B, on the other hand, is a much more popular choice, as there are two ways to get there: the apartment, and the catwalk/middle. The former is a shorter but more dangerous path, while the latter is generally safer but much longer, and going through it isn’t a guarantee that there won’t be an encounter – that’s why most people go for the apartment anyway.

Like what’s been previously said before, the apartment has its more than fair share of dangers, because by the end there are surely CTs waiting on the B, the van, and on the Bombsite itself. So once you get out of the apartment, one good flashbang throw and a quick and precise rush should do the trick for CTs in B and the car. And zero in on the Bombsite right away, as CTs can be hiding in it too.

Hopefully, with these tips, you’ll finally get your terrorist game right, and eventually earn yourself some CSGO skins. And oh, stay tuned for advice for CTs on this map.