CSGO Skins: Never Too Old

Do you grow old because you stop playing, or do you stop playing because you grow old? The answer doesn’t matter, because age doesn’t as well when it comes to gaming. Now you might be thinking that my opinion is wrong because professional eSports players have an “age limit”, but we’re not talking about them; instead, we’re talking about casual gamers, and I’m pretty sure that no game has an age limit. That is very much true in CSGO. So for this post, instead of CSGO skins, we’ll talk about one of the oldest CSGO players.

The elderly man in question is Aman Alashbaev from Omsk, Russia. He picked up Valve’s in-house first-person shooter because he has grown tired of telling his grandchildren to stop playing to stop the game. And you know how the age-old saying goes: if you can’t beat them, join them. So he did. And he beat them, as well as hundreds of other CSGO players, most of which are younger and have snazzier skins than he does.

CSGO Skins: Age Doesn’t Matter

So, how long has he been playing? A mere two months, so his exposure is much shorter than a lot of his younger counterparts. But despite his playing for only two months, which is short for a game like CSGO, he’s good at it, so much so that he has made videos that teach other people to play the game. And because elders doing things that are usually portrayed as something for young people will always be a hit on the internet, he has already garnered 13,000 followers. It’s not as big as the following of other streamers, but hey, that’s already an achievement in itself.

And other than being a CSGO player, he’s also good at giving advice. After all, he’s had a lot of experiences as he reached a wise old age. On one of his videos, he said “If a person wants, if he is not lazy, his labour will bring some results.And then you will enjoy your work. I like people to see that everything is possible for humans.” Deep words that apply not only in CSGO but also in all aspects of life.

Mister Aman should be a role model in the CSGO community. He doesn’t promote CSGO skins betting, he believes in practice and hardwork, and he shows us that age doesn’t matter. And lastly, he shows that not all Russian players are toxic.