CSGO Skins: New Inferno

After falling off the Active Duty list, Inferno makes its entry to the Reserves list, but not before a considerable rework. And what can we say? The new Inferno has been beautified once again, making this slice of an Italian town a bullet paradise full of CSGO skins.

To get you up to speed, here are the hot new changes to Inferno.

For starters, readability of positions have been improved. This gives attackers more ways to make good use of their smoke grenades and flashbangs before entering the site.

There is no longer an overhanging roof on the site. This lets more sunlight flow into the place, in turn making sniping between library and balcony easier for terrorists and CT, as well as land land smoke grenades on that particular area.

The rather iconic dingy truck that once served as an access point to the balcony became a cart. This, in a way, makes plays in the area and getting to the balcony much easier than before.


CSGO Skins: New Inferno Look

The visibility in the upper platform has also been improved, as they have to go through less parallaxing geometry in order to find a defender.

Before you start chatting or screaming Rush B Rush B like a stereotypical Russian player, you should know that the approach has become slightly more open, giving attackers more freedom in their movement. This, however, makes them more vulnerable to getting thrown at by a grenade, or at least getting smoked. And oh, those car-positions at the top Banana? They are now much softer and can now be pierced by rifle rounds, so be careful.

The middle part of the map has also seen some changes. The biggest one is that now the underpass that links the middle and alt-mid has become walkable halfway through it. It’s definitely a big deal, because the less time you spent crouched, the lesser the chances of you getting head-shot by their guns with CSGO skins.

Little things in this game matter, be it new CSGO skins or map changes. And these map changes, while seemingly small and few, are actually impactful.