CSGO Skins: Right On The Money

“Which gun should I use?” a question as old as Counter-Strike itself. Regardless of whether the gun in question has CSGO skins or not, this is still what’s being asked. Well, the answer depends on the situation, and one of the factors that dictate the latter would be your money. Because money is one of the things that make the CSGO world go round.

There are three situations depending on how much your money is: plenty with a lot to spare, just enough, and low. For the first, you should capitalize on your economic advantage by buying staple weapons such as the AK-47 for Terrorists, M4A4 for CTs, and AWP on either. Do note, however, that before you buy the AWP, make sure that you let your teammates know about it, as there might be two AWP-ers, which isn’t exactly an ideal setup, since the most ideal and most common one would be four assault rifle users and one AWP-er. Other than your primary, buy a P250 or a Desert Eagle.


CSGO Skins: From Just Enough To Broke

Next would be when you got an okay amount of money. If you think you’re skilled at getting up close and personal enough to see their CSGO skins, then the MAG-7 and the Sawed-Off Shotgun would be perfect for you. On the other hand, if you prefer to rack up more money (and you’re confident that you can), then go for the MP7 and PP-Bizon, as they yield around $600 kill reward. And lastly, if you want to secure kills, then the P90, despite the mediocre $300 kill reward, should do the job.

Lastly, if you’re going for broke, then a P250 and a Desert Eagle should be a good choice. And oh, if you do have a little bit of extra, go for the SMGs. This way, you still got decent firepower, and a few bucks on the bank in case you lose.

It’s not always about the CSGO skins, but what the situation calls for it. And with this guide, you’ll know what gun will solve your problems – without creating problems on money.