CSGO Skins – Rituals

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CSGO skins collectors barely notice that importance of rituals and warm ups. It is why some players with cs go skins are underperforming.

This might not be a case to every counter strike players out there. There are counter strike players who do a kind of ritual before playing competitive counter strike global offensive. For some players, this is what they call warming up or getting ready to kick someone’s ass.

The purpose of rituals is to boost the one’s ability to maximum potential. It is like becoming a zombie, activating that remaining 90% of the brain’s efficiency (something like that). Without the ritual it is like playing half-asleep, not being able to perform at maximum; and it is depressing.

The result, people start to do rituals in order to perform their 100%.

CSGO Skins – Anything Goes

There is no doctrine in rituals. If running before playing counter strike works for you, then, go for it. If drinking 5 glasses of coffee allows you to perform 100%, then, why not? If exercising allows you to perform really well, then, go exercising first.

One thing: upon doing the ritual, one has to respect it. After performing the ritual, one has to focus on the next task – playing counter strike. Don’t ever alt-tab and browse the internet. Go head straight and queue up with competitive mode or play a game.

It Does not Last Forever

Take note that the ritual’s effect does not last forever. There comes a time that you will be tired and need a break. Don’t hesitate; take a break. And after a break, start playing again (without doing the ritual) and you might see that you have improved a lot.


This is the reason behind why counter strike global offensive players feel that they are performing really good on a certain time and all of a sudden, after sleeping, and playing counter strike after wards feels like you have degraded.

In conclusion, one has to practice warm up or rituals before playing counter strike. It is like tuning a guitar before playing it.