CSGO Skins: s1mple Man

There are just some CSGO players who are too good at the game for, well, their own good. Apparently, to reach that skill level and circumstance is possible; if you are Oleksander Kostyliev, or more simply (pun intended) known as s1mple. And right now he’s poised to tear up the scene and rack up CSGO skins left and right.

CSGO Skins Worthy Games: Toxic Player?

That, however, wasn’t the case a few months ago, as he was one of the most avoided pro players in the competitive scene. And ironically, it’s because of his exceptional skill. But it’s not exactly because of his mad moves themselves, but because of his inability to communicate with other players who, despite being talented CSGO players themselves, are not in the same level as he is, as he somewhat fails to understand why they can’t keep up with him. And because they aren’t unable to see eye to eye with him, he displays his hot-headed attitude. This, in turn, turned him into one of the most infamous and unwanted players in the scene.


CSGO Skins: New Team, New Life

The awful fate he brought upon himself finally changed, however, when NaVi reached out to him and decided to include him in their roster, as they believe that he’ll be a great addition to the team. But just because he’s a part of Na’Vi doesn’t mean everything’s going to be okay, as it’s more likely than not that they’ll have internal conflicts because of their clashing personalities. But that also doesn’t mean they’re going to fall apart simply because of interpersonal disagreements, as many teams, both in eSports and conventional sports, have thrived because of the rivalry in its members, pushing each other to become better.

Then there’s also the possibility that s1mple won’t have any problems with his newfound Na’Vi teammates. After all, he’s never been in a team that is as good and big as the one’s he’s in. His former teams, FlipSid3 and HellRaisers, weren’t skilled enough to keep up with him; and for Liquid, on the other hand, he just wasn’t a good fit. So, will he be in sync enough with Na’Vi that we’re going to have a commemorative CSGO skins and CSGO cases for their victory? Who knows.

Without a doubt, s1mple is one of the best CSGO players of this current season, the recent scene, and probably even of all time. We wish the best of luck to him, as we’ll be betting our CSGO skins on him. Just kidding.

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