Shotgun Guide for CS:GO skins Collectors Part 6


We have discussed different kinds of shotgun in the previous articles. It is time to learn how to take advantage of them. In fact, shotguns are all similar. They all have high spread, although some shotguns have advantage over recoil, and damage, but as long as used in mid range and close range, it will instantly kill an enemy. And that is what shotguns are for.

Shotgun Guide for CS:GO skins Collectors: Shotgun on CT/T

Ideally, shotguns are made for the advantage of counter terrorist. Shotguns are defensive weapon, powerful, yet not accurate enough to utilize the devastating fire power.

In the scenario of bomb defusal mode, counter terrorist are always on the defensive, while terrorists are on the offensive. In this case, shotguns are sufficient when used by counter terrorists, as they will be able to utilize the corners and aisle when defending a bomb site. On the other hand, shotguns being utilized by terrorists as an offensive weapon are not effective. There is no way that shotgun will work on long range.

There are some situations where shotguns will be effectively used by terrorist. Take for example: when defending the bomb against counter terrorist who are trying to defuse it. However, these situations are rare that you might find yourself dead before it happens.

Shotgun Guide for CS:GO skins Collectors: Utilizing the Corners

When using shotgun, always stand in an aisle, corner or anything concrete that is sufficient enough to block the incoming bullets of enemies, after taking a shot, immediately take cover.

The thing about using a shotgun is making sure that you have an escape route each fire. It works extremely well in the counter terrorist side, as the counter terrorists are often the defending team. On the other hand, the terrorists seldom defend, only on defending the bomb from being defused.

Shotgun Guide for CS:GO skins Collectors: Economic Rounds

Shotguns are perfect on economic round. They are relatively cheap like FAMAS or even cheaper than FAMAS. Furthermore, shotguns provide more money on killed enemies.


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