A Closer Look to Sidestepping for CS:GO market Shoppers


It is what every player does – sidestepping. It is something that players do, consciously, or even unconsciously. It feels it is part of the game or reality itself, as it feels natural whenever we sidestep. We sidestep in counterstrike global offensive, like it is the most natural thing to do in the world. But you are inside a game though.

In this article, we are going to talk about sidestepping, a closer look to sidestepping.

Sidestepping Guide for CS:GO market Collectors: Accuracy

Accuracy is a big matter in the game. If you are not accurate enough, you might want to tell yourself that you are not cut out to play counterstrike global offensive, play something else. Anyway, accuracy is the key to winning, and everything for cs:go market shoppers and players. Accuracy is the game itself. Standing still is the key to accuracy, hence, to win the game.

However, standing still makes us an easy target for the enemy. As a result, we resort to sidestepping, which reduces our accuracy. It is frustrating while sidestepping and at the same time firing your weapon, being aware that you are not landing any shot at all.

Remember, moving makes you hard to hit, it is applicable to yourself too: moving is a sore for everyone. The formula: moving reduces accuracy, but increases your chance for survival.

Sidestepping Guide for CS:GO market Collectors: Movement

If accuracy is essential, don’t forget about moving. Take movement and accuracy as a bow and arrow. You simply can’t throw the arrow yourself, you need the bow to mobilize it and hit harder. The same goes with the cs:go’s movement and accuracy. You will need to halt your movement to fire an accurate shot, but you will have to move to dodge some shot and get a good position. It is all relative.

Sidestepping Guide for CS:GO market Collectors: Moving While Shooting

It is impossible, moving while shooting. Actually, it is possible; you miss a lot of shot though. But you can see everybody is doing moving while shooting, some land a few good shots, and some are not. Basically, the ones who lands good shots are deceiving you. They stop for a split second, then, shoot, move again and repeat.


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