CSGO Skins – Efficient Smoke Screen Spots


Even though grenades don’t have their very own cs go skins, they are mechanically useful in the game.

Technically, smokes are subjective. There is neither a correct nor incorrect way to throw a smoke grenade. As long as it meets the objective’s goal, it is correct.

Most of the time, especially in solo queue, players have standard strategy, a strategy deeply rooted in their mind.

These smoke spots are efficiently synchronized with the standard strategy, thus will not overlap with the standard strategy.

CSGO Skins: Cache – A Site Forklift


“A site forklift” is wide open to long range attacks, coming from different angles, which a challenging hindrance on taking “A site forklift.”

With just a single smoke, long range attackers are restrained, disabling them from firing accurately. They have to fire random shots to keep their pace going, but it is less likely to hit.

To throw: face the second grated door in a main, aim at the top left corner of the passage way and execute a walking throw. If done correctly, the grenade should be at the right side of the forklift.

Mirage – A Site


The bombsite A of mirage is a total chaos when the shooting begins. Bullets are coming from different directions, making a hard time for the terrorist to take bombsite A.

Bombsite A has three openings: the jungle, stairs, and CT spawn. With the bombsite at the center, counter terrorist could siege “bombsite A” with ease.

Depending on the situation, the team can block one to two passages or even three for taking extra precaution.

To throw a smoke in the jungle, move to the veranda of the second concave window, face at the center, aim the masonry’s crack move the crosshair upward and throw.

To throw a smoke in the stairs: find the stairs with “A” graffiti, jump on the first step, turn the camera at 1 o’clock put the crosshair at the blue clouds being sandwiched by a wood and the building’s aisle.

To throw a smoke grenade at the ct spawn: find the door with square wires, move right, line at the masonry’s line, aim at the same crack of the jungle throw, and do a walking throw.

Win 30% More Games

Upon frequently using this smoke strategy, a player may win 30% more of his games.


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