CSGO Skins: Spray or Tap?

In CSGO, assault rifles are more commonly used than any other kind of gun, regardless of whether it has CSGO skins or not. And when it comes to rifles of this type, there are two ways they are fired: by spraying, and by tapping; both have advantages and disadvantages, so knowing which one to use at the right time is important. But how do you figure that out? That’s why we’re here to teach you how.

But before anything else, a question: which assault rifles should you use? Should you use the 4-1 (Galli AR for Terrorist, FAMAS for CT) that have less power but less recoil, or the 4-2 (AK-47 for Terrorist, M4A4 for CT)? Well, what you should put into consideration is that the 4-2 rifles are, despite greater recoil, are more frequently relied on because they are more powerful.  After all, the fewer shots you have to fire, the less time you are exposed. And the less time you are exposed, the better your chances are of survival. On the other hand, if you don’t have enough money to buy both 4-2 and body armor, then prioritize the latter and then go for a 4-1 instead. A 4-1 is also a good choice if you have CSGO skins for it.


CSGO Skins: Going 4-2 

Now, assuming that you got yourself a 4-2, you must keep in mind the following things. First off, do not move when you’re firing. These two guns, especially the AK, are already inaccurate by themselves, so don’t move when you fire, especially when you spray. Second, if you are aiming for someone far away, tap and crouch instead of spraying. It may take a few hits to nail your enemy’s head, but it’s worth it when you do.

Third, crouching during a firefight can help your accuracy, but at the same time it makes you more vulnerable to a headshot, so be careful when you do. And lastly, to make sure that your shots land better when you spray, you can shoot up a wall and see the pattern of bullets. This way, you’ll know from what level and position you should start shooting so that most of the shots land.

You don’t need to have CSGO skins to wow the crowd with your assault rifle skills. Just know when to shoot, to tap, and to spray, and you’re all set.


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