CSGO Skins: Buying and Selling in MMOs



CSGO Skins: the Market

It’s funny how far people will go for mere vanity items. The amount of people that do buy CS GO Skins and trade CSGO items is so surprising that I can hardly believe a lot of people already made a lot of money on that sort of system. Then again, MOBAs do offer the same kind of system.

Heck, now that I think about it, even in standard MMOs like WoW, SWTOR, TERA, and a whole slew of others do have their in-game markets revolve mostly, if not actual gear, on vanity items instead. Transmog in World of Warcraft is highly sought out, either through the auction house where folks spend a ton of WoW gold or they pay other folks to carry them through raids just to get a specific piece of gear they can use to transmog.

MMO Market

In SWTOR, the cartel market does a fantastic job in serving as a SWTOR credits and real-life cash sink due to the sheer number of exclusive items, mounts, and unlocks they market as “exclusive.” Well, it IS true to an extent and most money in the game are spent mostly on these vanity items. In fact, I think SWTOR does a better job than most other games because they phase out certain items to make them even more expensive than they initially were. A lot of SWTOR accounts being sold out and about on the internet get more expensive when it has a lot of rare vanity items that aren’t only focused on mounts.

TERA fields the same kind of strategic economy sucking as the other two mentioned. This game, however, is far more unfair because, unlike SWTOR, the RNG boxes from TERA’s market are far more fickle and drop way less items. The same can be said for games like RIFT. These cheap-ass games aren’t too good anyway, and the cash shop they sport reflects that.

CSGO Market

It’s a good thing that in CSGO, CSGO items are easily acquirable just by playing the game. No spending real cash if you don’t want to. Just keep on playing and you’ll get your lovely CSGO items and won’t have to buy CSGO items. But if you do decide to sell or by CSGO items, it presents itself as a completely separate option and you can even earn a buck or two by doing so. A lot of pro CSGO players earn a lot of money just by selling some top tier stuff on market. Maybe it’s your chance to do so too.