Competitive Match and Tournament Facts for CS:GO skins Collectors


Counter strike global offensive has hopped through the boundary of a normal game to e-sport, and it will go down to history as one of the pioneer of e-sports. The mechanics of CSGO is well balanced. The developers planned everything so smoothly. The maps are well calculated, ensuring that counter terrorist does not have the advantage when it comes to map, neither terrorists.

In this article we are going to talk about the difference between competitive match and tournaments in general.

Facts for CS:GO skins Collector: Competitive Match

CSGO has two kinds of game: the casual game and competitive game. The casual game is where nothing at stake, a player will not lose a thing if you lost, nor gain anything if you won. It is just a simple practice game, where a person is having fun, playing CS:GO. But in competitive matches, the game’s atmosphere starts to change, it somehow becomes heavy, as you will lose something if a game is lost, and that makes the atmosphere heavy.

Competitive matches are simply the filter of skilled players and the unskilled.

Facts for CS:GO skins Collector: Tournament

If a player reached the rank of global elite and became really good, he has the opportunity to be recruited by a gaming organization. These organizations are the sponsor for a player to continuously play the game and earn money as long as the player stays competitive and winning almost all of the time.

Facts for CS:GO skins Collector: The Difference

In every competitive match, the strategy plays a small factor, the aiming and game mechanics of counter strike is the main ingredient. Having a godly aiming would definitely bring you to the highest rank of the game – global elite.

In tournaments, strategy now also plays a big factor. A team simply can’t win with players only good at game mechanics and aiming. There has to be a strategy. It is like having a good game mechanics and aiming is just the requirement of qualifying in ESL. All players are good at game mechanics, and strategy would be the tie breaker.


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