CSGO Skins – Unconventional Weapons

csgo skins counter strike global offensive

CSGO skins of unconventional weapons rarely sell. These cs go skins are not as pricey in the market.

Counter strike is a game where players can only choose between Ak-47 and M4A4. Nothing else exists more than these two main guns.

If a user uses shotgun, in the mind of other players, the shotgun user is on disadvantage. The reason is, this dude does not use conventional guns like Ak-47, M4A4 and sniper rifles.

Mastery of Ak-47 and M4A4 is a sole requirement before playing ranked games. Or else, toxicity is waiting.

CSGO Skins – Shotguns

Shotgun is the loneliest gun in counter strike. It is seldom used. And when it is used the user is trolling or not serious. It is more like a weapon for insulting the enemy than an actual weapon. However, there are official tournaments in counter strike that shotguns were actually used and worked on a certain composition.

Using shotgun gives the user a tremendous advantage in close range which a rare situation in counter strike, being close to your target.

Sub Machine Guns

Sub machine gun is the easiest gun to use in counter strike. It does not have powerful recoil to distract the user from aiming precisely and does not also have a powerful firepower.

Usually, sub machine guns are used in the early game of counter strike where the likes of Ak-47 are not yet affordable by players. But in competitive matches, we often see players prefer pistols than sub machine guns, so that they could stack money and buy conventional weapons in the next round.

Unconventional Sniper Rifle

Sniper rifle is considered as a conventional weapon but there is sniper rifle that is not conventional as AWP – Scout.

Scout is the cheap version of AWP. It is cheap but requires its user to hit its target two times, if aimed anywhere at the body except head.

Scout is an interesting weapon. There are different things that scout can do that AWP can’t.