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csgo skins counter strike global offensive

If there is a csgo peak year, this is definitely not counter strike global offensive’s peak year. Recently, csgo had a diminishing breakdown of its E-Sports viewership. Counter strike is still a good E-Sport, and it will be for a long time. Counter strike is still a good game; it takes tons of practice and very rewarding, learning the game.

What made counter strike’s viewership degrade like this?

Here are some reasons why:

CSGO Skins – Overwatch

Overwatch came out of nowhere with a huge fan base due to its cast of characters are likable, especially the booty of someone.

Overwatch is will probably go into blizzard’s best creations. Literally, this game merged the idea of MOBA and FPS into one, beating both MOBA and FPS at the same time.

This game is a heavy punch against counter strike. Wherein, casual viewers of counter strike’s e-sports transferred to overwatch’s e-sports.

Counter strike is old. Overwatch is super young; therefore, overwatch has a lot of potential while counter strike is pretty limited, making them inferior first person shooter than overwatch. It is like a son beating his 70 years old father in a boxing match.

It is not impossible for counter strike to make a comeback though, if valve can make magic happen. Or granpa will be able to turn his fist into iron; then we are talking.


Counter strike global offensive has been into many scandals: match fixing, somewhat illegal csgo skins lottery websites (people sell cs go skins) and more. These things made counter strike a bad name, especially the match fixing.


Counter strike is still the best first person shooter in the world. It may not be the best at the moment but it became the best first person shooter over the years. And right now, its main enemy is overwatch, a formidable enemy, indeed.

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