CSGO Skins: What’s Happened To Betting

Now that the dust on the crackdown against CSGO skins gambling sites is settling down, we’ve begun to see how much money has been going around that underground trade. And perhaps there’s no better proof of this than CSGO lounge, which is perhaps the biggest CSGO betting site to be ever hit by Valve’s search-and-destroy efforts.

According to report by Will Green of LegalSports, CSGO Lounge was able to have as much as one billion dollars worth of CSGO-related items, so just imagine how many CSGO skins that would be.

Well, let’s just say there are a lot, around 37000 and more. And the reason why it got to an obscene number is because people bet their CS GO skins during games in order for them to get more. In fact, during the Team Liquid vs. SK Gaming, there were 320,000 skins that were being wagered, each of which averaging at around ten dollars each. Imagine how much money that would be.

CSGO Skins: Same Scheme, New Look


Given those staggering numbers, then how many skins did CSGO Lounge have now? Well, you’d be surprised with the answer: not as much as it used to during the glory days.

So, why the lack of CSGO skins on what is arguably the biggest CSGO betting site? That’s because they got rid of it and slightly changed their business model. Once Valve released a statement that condemns all forms CSGO skins betting, they decided to go with “coin betting”.

This model works like this: those who will register on the site will be given free 100 coins. However, there is no other way to earn more other than to bet, and a grayed-out option to earn more coins. It is unknown whether this particular option requires money or CS GO skins.

With a single pronouncement from Valve, the skin betting trade came to a sharp decline. Of course, there are still a lot of CSGO betting sites, and CSGO Lounge seems to have kept its crown, but it – along with the “industry” it’s a part of – will never ever be the same. And if you once engaged in these activities, it will definitely be sad for you.