Lurker Guide for CS:GO Skins Collectors Part 1

Counterstrike: Global Offensive is one of the most competitive games in the gaming scene. It is known for its guns and thrilling action. Amidst the chaos of the game, however, is the strategies of the team. Spectators and the audience that watch the games most of the time do not even see the strategies that the team uses to win games. Each player must take on different roles and work together. On today’s article we will be guiding CS:GO skins shoppers through the Lurker role. Read on below for more information.

The Lurker for CS:GO Skins Collectors

The Lurk is generally a position on the Terrorist side. The official definition for lurking is taking rotators by surprise and picking them off. This job may also be closely associated with flanking opponents. The lurker’s job is to stay out of sight, to essentially ‘lurk’ in the shadows and corners of the map to be able to get important frags for your team. This also means you should use the information of the whereabouts of the enemy team that you’ve gathered to your team’s advantage. The Lurker of any team is the teammate that stays behind the main push of the team.

Lurker Positions and Movement for CS:GO Skins Shoppers

Positioning and movement is a vital factor of the Lurker role. The ability to sneak around and to rush in are skills you need to master. To become a successful and talented Lurker, which all CS:GO skins shoppers must aspire to be, you will need to memorize the maps and learn all the dark corners, crawl spaces, hiding spots, boxes or any other cover that will hide you from the enemy. Hiding is an important part of the job. When hiding, you must absolutely not peek or risk your position until the time is right as the enemy will likely see you. Most Lurkers will take the longer routes to get to a certain area in order to flank the enemy and take them by surprise by coming out of areas they least expect. Movement around the map should be smooth and sneaky. You need to know when to travel slow or fast. A lurker shouldn’t ever rush unless absolutely necessary.

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