P90 for CS:GO Skins Shoppers

The Counterstrike series is known for its addictive killing with guns experience. Throughout their CS gaming, each player develops and eventually recognizes their own personal favorite guns. There are so many guns in the CS:GO market available that there is bound to be a gun for you. Nowadays, when players find their favorite gun they like to dress it up in awesome skins to show off to other players. In today’s article we will talk about the P90 and its top skins.

P90 Weapon Overview for CS:GO Skins Shoppers

The P90 is a powerful submachine gun that has been used throughout the Counterstrike series. It has high accuracy and minimal recoil even during continuous shots. It is known to pierce through armor. It is a popular gun for most players, especially those who have just started gaming, because of its cheaper price and excellent performance. It is also lighter than most guns. A unique feature of this gun is its ability to spray bullets and powerful burst-fire. This gun is recommended for close to medium range combat as it does not do well in long ranged shooting.

P90 Top CS:GO Skins

A popular feature of Counterstrike: Global Offensive is the ability to dress your favorite weapons in skins to change their color and appearance. There is a wide variety of CS:GO skins available in the market for both knives and guns. Kill like a badass and look like it too when you buy CS:GO skins. Below is a list of top P90 weapon skins in no particular order.


The Asiimov is one of the most popular P90 CS:GO skins in the market. Its distinct white, black, and orange paint job looks utterly awesome giving this weird looking gun an edge in appearance.

blind spot

The Blind Spot CS:GO Skins for the P90 is easy on the eyes with its calming blue color with cow patches of navy blue and hints of striking red. There is no doubt that this is an awesome looking skin.


The Module looks very futuristic with its mosaic pattern of shades of blue. Feel like you’re in some sci-fi, futuristic, action war movie with these CS:GO skins!

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