How to Dominate the Game for CS:GO skins Collectors


Playing counter strike global offensive is different from other first person shooter games. CS:GO is more technical, and realistic than other games. People might perceive call of duty as more realistic than counter strike. True, call of duty has superb environment design. However, in terms of shooting mechanics, counter strike is far complex than call of duty. Wherein, call of

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Strat Caller Guide for CS:GO Market Shoppers Part 3

Counterstrike: Global Offensive is an extremely competitive game of strategy. It’s not just guns guns guns. The game needs team cooperation, strategy, and wit. It requires players to take on different team roles and to work together. In the previous articles we’ve guided you CS:GO market shoppers through the Strat Caller role. Today we’ll continue the discussion. Read on below

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In-Depth Smoke Grenade Guide for CS:GO skins Collectors Part 1


Basically, a smoke grenade is a factor that hinders your opponent’s vision, creating a barrier that severely reduces the opposing team’s aiming if the smoke is placed well. Budding counter strike global offensive players may found smoke grenade as the most useless grenade in the game, because beginners do not care about strategy at all. Aiming is all they care

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