CSGO Skins: AWP Tips Part 2

As promised, here are more tips for you AWP-toting CSGO players, regardless of whether your sniper has CSGO skins or not. We last left off with aggressive AWP-ing, specifically with one of its most basic yet most important techniques: quickscoping. Apparently we forgot to discuss the importance of aggressive AWPing. So, why the need for it? That’s because passive AWP-ing

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CSGO Skins: Airtime Crackshot?

The bunny-hop has been a long-accepted maneuver and strategy in CSGO. This seemingly simple but actually elaborate move has been used in jumping (pun intended) your enemies to a surprise, and as a way to not get hit. After all, it’s quite difficult to accurately point to and follow an enemy that suddenly shot up into the air. But just

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CSGO Skins: Ban Wave Hit

If you think that life is unfair just because you don’t have snazzy CSGO skins, then that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because out there are CSGO players who cheat. Yes, despite tight security protocols, people have been able to use cheats on Valve’s military FPS. But for these cheaters, their world just got a whole lot smaller and

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