CSGO Skins: Back to Basics

CSGO is perhaps one of the most simple first-person shooters out there. That, however, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a fair share of difficulty, because what makes the game hard is the stiff competition you’ll be facing from various players from all walks of life. So if you want to even the scales and earn a few CSGO skins,

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CSGO Skins: s1mple Man

There are just some CSGO players who are too good at the game for, well, their own good. Apparently, to reach that skill level and circumstance is possible; if you are Oleksander Kostyliev, or more simply (pun intended) known as s1mple. And right now he’s poised to tear up the scene and rack up CSGO skins left and right. CSGO

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CSGO market – SMG Rework

csgo market counter strike global offensive

The csgo market also offers cs go skins for smg. SMG got rework. These babies got valve’s attention. From their crappy sounds to sounds of harmony, and their recoil patterns are also changed. Speaking of the gun sounds, they are much better and realistic. They don’t sound like plastic BB guns anymore. In the competitive scene, the SMG is just

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