CSGO Skins: s1mple Man

There are just some CSGO players who are too good at the game for, well, their own good. Apparently, to reach that skill level and circumstance is possible; if you are Oleksander Kostyliev, or more simply (pun intended) known as s1mple. And right now he’s poised to tear up the scene and rack up CSGO skins left and right. CSGO

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CSGO Skins – Volume of E-Sports Viewers

csgo skins counter strike global offensive

If there is a csgo peak year, this is definitely not counter strike global offensive’s peak year. Recently, csgo had a diminishing breakdown of its E-Sports viewership. Counter strike is still a good E-Sport, and it will be for a long time. Counter strike is still a good game; it takes tons of practice and very rewarding, learning the game.

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