CS:GO Skins and Weapon Spotlight for the PP Bizon in Global Offensive

Every CS player shares a passion for guns, otherwise they wouldn’t be investing on guns at all. The PP Bizon is a new submachine gun featured in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Know more about the weapon in the article below.

CS:GO Skins and Weapon Spotlight: About the PP Bizon

The PP Bizon (PP 19 Bizon or Pistolet Pulemyot Model 19 Bizon lit. Machine Pistol 19 Bizon) is a Russian-made submachine gun manufactured by Izhmash. Based on the design, the Bizon in game fires a 64 round tubular magazine of 9x18mm Makarov pistol cartridge, which is the cartridge the Bizon is most commonly seen using. The PP Bizon is available for both Terrorist and Counter Terrorist factions. It can carry 120 reserve rounds. When held, the player’s movement speed is 240 units per second, meaning they suffer 4% speed reduction. The Bizon is an excellent choice after winning a pistol round or when the enemy team is playing eco as they will likely not rush armor and will be easily wiped out by close and mid ranged spray fire. The weapon is also cheap and the kill reward is $600. It is also a good alternative for the P90 if you can’t afford one yet.

CS:GO Skins and Weapon Spotlight: Trivia about the PP Bizon

  • Originally, the PP Bizon was intended to be exclusive to the Terrorist faction, similar to the MP7 for the Counter Terrorists.
  • However, this was odd, because the PP Bizon is primarily used in Russian Counter Terrorism operations. The weapon itself is rare outside Russia.
  • The PP Bizon’s drawing and reloading animations are similar—if not identical—to that of the AK-47’s. This is because the PP-19 Bizon shares many components with the AK-74 rifle, a variant of the AK-47.
  • The reloading sound is similar to the AK-47 as well.
  • Albeit using the 9x18mm Makarov cartridge, the in-game PP-19 is coded to use the same Parabellum round that the Glock 18, Tec 9, Dual Berettas, and MP9 use. This is to avoid having to program a unique ammunition type for it.
  • It is the only weapon in Counter Strike that uses a helical magazine. It surpasses the P90 in terms of magazine capacity.
  • Despite the claims of the description, the magazine PP-19 uses is not a drum magazine.
  • Due to the similarities, though, the magazine is often mistaken for a grenade launcher.
  • Some players refer to this weapon as the “pea shooter”, referring to its poor damage and the prevalence of the letter “P” in its name.

CS:GO Skins and Weapon Spotlight: Pros and Cons of the PP Bizon

It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of your cs items, because it can either win or lose you the round. Listed below are the advantages and disadvantages of the PP Bizon.


  • It has a short reload time
  • It is light weight
  • It is cheap
  • It has a low recoil
  • It has a fast fire rate
  • It has a large magazine size of 120 rounds in its reserve


  • It has a relatively low accuracy
  • It deals very poor damage
  • It has inferior armor piercing ability

CS:GO Skins and Weapon Spotlight: Different Finishes Available for the PP Bizon

Meanwhile, here are some of the cs skins available for the PP Bizon if you want to make your gameplay more enjoyable and interesting.

  • PP Bizon Osiris (Operation Breakout Case)
  • PP Bizon Antique (Huntsman Weapon Case)
  • PP Bizon Chemical Green (Cache Weapon Case)
  • PP Bizon Night Ops (The Lake Collection Case)
  • PP Bizon Bamboo Print (The Rising Sun Collection Case)
  • PP Bizon Cobalt Halftone (Winter Offensive Weapon Case)
  • PP Bizon Water Sigil (Esports 2013 Winter Case)
  • PP Bizon Modern Hunter (The Militia Collection)
  • PP Bizon Forest Leaves (The Militia Collection)
  • PP Bizon Blue Streak (ESports 2014 Summer Case)
  • PP Bizon Brass (The Dust 2 Collection)
  • PP Bizon Rust Coat (The Alpha Collection)
  • PP Bizon Irradiated Alert (The Nuke Collection)

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