Rarest CS:GO Skins: Case Hardened Blue Gems

The Counterstrike series pioneered first person shooter games. For over a decade the game has flourished and millions of people still play it. A unique feature of Counterstrike: Global Offensive, the latest version of the Counterstrike series, is the ability to dress your weapons in awesome skins. The CS:GO market is abundant in different variations of skins for both guns and knives alike. CS:GO skins change the color of weapons, add patterns or printed art. There is bound to be a skin out there for your favorite knife and gun that will fit your style. As a CS:GO market shopper, you must keep a sharp eye out for the rarest skins out there. These skins come in higher prices  but are no doubt very impressive. For today’s article we will be talking about the Case Hardened Blue Gem CS:GO skins. Read on below for more information.

UjoyJXKCase Hardened CS:GO Skins Overview

To understand why Case Hardened Blue Gem CS:GO skins are so rare we need to first understand what Case Hardened skins are. We can see the signature Case Hardened pattern in the photo on the left. This skin is available for both knives and guns. It features a blending of blue, purple, and yellow colors that swirl and mix to look like a map. The Case Hardened skins come in different variations that depend on the dominant color. Some have dominant yellow, some purple, some blue.


Case Hardened Blue Gem CS:GO Skins

Blue Gems are Case Hardened CS:GO skins that is dominantly blue in color. A Case Hardened skin is typically considered a Blue Gem if it’s blue color takes up 70% or above of the weapon’s surface. Case Hardened Blue Gems are particularly beautiful skins that look icy and ocean like. Dominantly blue Case Hardened skins are extremely rare in the market. Mostly you will see dominantly yellow Case Hardened CS:GO skins. The Blue Gems are popular for the Karambit Knife, Flip Knife and AK-47.


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