Rarest CS:GO Skins: Five-SeveN Kami

The Counterstrike series has been and always will be one of the leading first person shooter games in the industry and it continues to surpass expectations garnering millions of players to this day. Its latest entry to the booming franchise is the Counterstrike: Global Offensive garnering millions of players around the world and the number continues to grow every day. A unique feature exclusive to CS:GO is the capability to dress weapons in amazing skins that may be purchased in the CS:GO market. CS:GO market shoppers must keep a sharp eye out on the rarest skins as these are the most valuable. In today’s article we will be talking about the Kami CS:GO skins which are available for the FiveSeven hand gun. Read on below for more information.

Five-SeveN Hand Gun for CS:GO Skins Collectors

57goThe Five-SeveN is a Belgian made semi-automatic pistol hand gun that is exclusively available to Counter-Terrorist.

It is known for its high rate of fire, good accuracy and its large magazine size. It does more damage, unlike in the previous games, and is much cheaper.This is one of the more popular hand gun choices for Counterstrike: Global Offensive Counter-Terrorist players.

Five-SeveN Kami CS:GO Skins

kamiIt appears that the Five SeveN Kami is in fact based off a comic strip (which you may see on the photo on the right). This is used as a hydrographic that is then applied around the top of the gun. Patterns are therefore random, and feature different parts of the comic on the skins. The Five SeveN Kami CS:GO skins were introduced in the Winter Offensive update in December of 2013. This skin is one of the rarest in the market. The most notable unique patterns you can notice is when you look at the butt of the gun as it sport many different cartoonish art. These skins are very hard to come by in the market and are therefore extremely expensive. Below are examples of the unique marks on the gun.


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