Rarest CS:GO Skins in the Market: Crimson Web

The Counterstrike series has been one of the leading first person shooter games in the world garnering millions of loyal players around the world. In the most recent installment of the series, Counterstrike: Global Offensive, there have been some major updates that have been popular among the players. One unique feature is the ability to dress weapons in awesome CS:GO skins that may be bought in the marketplace. CS:GO skins change the weapon’s appearance by altering the colors, adding a pattern or adding a piece of art or decals. CS:GO market shoppers must keep a sharp eye out for the rarest CS:GO skins in the market. On today’s article we will be talking about the Crimson Web CS:GO skins.

Crimson Web CS:GO Skins

Crimson Web Knives are one of the most highly desirable knife in the CS:GO community. It is very popular among players. Unlike the other rather rare CS:GO skins such as Slaughters or Fades, the Crimson Web skins come in all wear forms. The Factory New fade is currently one of the rarest of all knives. The Crimson Web CS:GO skins for the Karambit Knives tend to be the harder to come by and therefore more expensive and rare. This is followed by M9s, Butterfly Knives, Bayonet Knives, Huntsman Knives, Flip Knives and Gut Knives. The webbing patterns are different for each knife depending on the repetition. This skin is exclusively available to knives only.

CrimsonWebVTF-400x400Crimson Web CS:GO Skins: Pattern

The Crimson Web pattern is shown in the photo below. Once this CS:GO skin is equipped, it changes the blade’s appearance into a crimson red color, the color of your enemies’ blood, with black webbed patterns. This skin gives off a lethal Spiderman kind of vibe and is awesome on knives.

Crimson Web CS:GO Skins for the Karambit Knife

maxresdefault (1)Crimson Web CS:GO skins for the Karambit Knives are one of the most sought after knives in the of CS:GO market. The Minimal Wear and Factory New fade versions are barely ever seen on the market and are extremely rare and expensive. As mentioned above, webbing patterns are unique to each knife depending on repetition. Webbing patterns can determine or change the value of the knife. Better webbing are those that are very obvious on the knife. Prices are based off of the aesthetic of the knife.

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