Rarest Skins in the CS:GO Market: Fade Skins

The Counterstrike series has been one of the leading first person shooter games in the industry and it continues to surpass expectations garnering millions of players to this day. It’s latest addition to the successful franchise is the Counterstrike: Global Offensive with millions of players around the world. A unique feature exclusive to CS:GO is the ability to dress weapons in awesome skins that may be bought in the CS:GO market. CS:GO market shoppers must keep a sharp eye out on the rarest skins as these are the most valuable. In today’s article we will be talking about the Fade Skins which is available for guns and extremely rare in some knives. Read on below for more information.


Fade Skins for CS:GO Market Shoppers

Fade skins are available in the CS:GO market for both guns and knives. It is a popular skin known for its beautiful color scheme of yellow, pink and bluish purple. The colors blend magnificently and glints in the light. It is important to note that Fade skins differ in their percentage of actual fade and dominant colors. This may directly affect its trade-ability and the desirability, its rarity and therefore its price. Fade skins for knives are rarer than those of its gun counterparts. Fade knives is available in two different wears, Minimal Wear and Factory New. Full faded knives can drastically alter the value of the knife. The percentage of Fade varies between individual knives. Common Fade values are 85% and above. The Fade skin is available for the Flip Knife, Gut Knife, Huntsman Knife, Bayonet Knife, M9 Bayonet Knife, Butterfly Knife and the Karambit Knife.


Rare Fade Skins in the CS:GO Market

As mentioned above, the Fade skins vary in percentage of fade and its dominant color. The usual percentage of fade is 85% so Full Fade skins that are 100% are extremely rare. It is also rare to see Fade skins that with uneven proportions of color. Dominant pink and yellow, and dominantly pink are the more rare Fade skins and are very hard to come by in the CS:GO market. The pink Karambit Fade knife in particular is extremely rare.

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