Rarest Skins in the CS:GO Market: Marble Fade “Fire and Ice”

A unique feature of Counterstrike: Global Offensive is the ability to dress you favorite weapons in awesome skins to give your tools of destruction a personal touch. Kill like a badass and look like it too. There are a large variety of skins for all weapons, guns and knives alike. As a CS:GO Market shopper, you need to keep a sharp eye out on the best and most valuable skins—especially the rarest. On today’s article we will be talking about one very rare skin that is available on a handful of knives: Marble Fade “Fire and Ice”. Read on below for more information.

Marble Fade Skins for CS:GO Market Shoppers

A popular skin exclusively for knives is the Marble Fade. The Marble Fade features a marbleized blending of colors on the blade that glints magnificently in the light and gives the slightest illusion of changing colors. It is similar to the Doppler skins but the Marble Fade features more strikingly different colors while the Doppler features only one color but at different shades. Another similar feature of the Doppler and Marble Fade skins is that the patterns are different on the playside to the backside. There are Doppler skins on the CS:GO market that is very rare. We talked about this in a previous article which you may read here. Regular Marble Fade skins have patterns of colors alternating between yellow, blue, and red. One very rare Marble Fade skin is the Fire and Ice variation. More about that below.


Marble Fade “Fire and Ice” Skins for CS:GO Market Shoppers

One of the rarest knife skins in the CS:GO market is the Marble Fade Fire and Ice. This is because the color pattern of this special skin is only blue and red, the color of fire and ice, as the regular Marble Fade patterns are blue, red and yellow. These Fire and Ice skins feature a dominantly red blade with blue hues on the inner blade. This skin is a rare gem in the CS:GO market and is only available to five knives namely: the Flip Knife, Gut Knife, Bayonet, M9 Bayonet and the Karambit.


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