CS:GO Skins – An Overview of the Rising Sun Collection Weapons

Global Offensive did a pretty good job by releasing the Rising Sun Collection. The collection comes with several creative Japanese-themed CS skins for the inner otaku and ‘all things Japanese’ enthusiast in you. Read more below for an overview of the best ones from the land of the Rising Sun.

akihabara cs skins

CS:GO Items – AUG Akihabara Accept

Otaku much? Despite having mixed reviews of love and hate from players (as it is, quite possibly, the most random skin released ever) on Global Offensive, the AUG Akihabara Accept does not fail to represent one of the renowned aspects of Japanese culture with an anime girl wearing military clothing emblazoned on its body, Japanese texts included.


  • High first shot accuracy
  • High rate of fire
  • Has a scope
  • Deals moderate damage
  • Capable of headshot kill at point blank range, even with helmet
  • Useful for long ranged combat


  • Long reload time
  • Expensive
  • High recoil

CS:GO Skins – P250 Crimson Kimono


The P250 Crimson Kimono, true to its name, is reminiscent of the intricate and symmetric designs the Japanese are fond of, often observed on their festive garments. It sports a sleek black finish with blood red and grey geometrical patterns. It’s ideally for players who prefer minimalist CS skins over flashy ones for their weapons.


  • An ideal pistol for most situations
  • Relatively cheap
  • Manageable recoil
  • Capable of headshot kill at point blank range, even with helmet
  • Deals more damage against armored opponents than the Glock-18, P2000, and the USP-S


  • Becomes less accurate when fired continuously
  • Low ammunition reserve
  • Less effective outside close ranged combat
  • Slightly worse first shot accuracy than the Glock and the P2000

CS:GO Skins – Desert Eagle Midnight Storm | Desert Eagle Sunset Storm

deagle midnight

Look at these beauties. The Desert Eagle comes with two variations in the Rising Sun collection: Midnight Storm and Sunset Storm. The former sports cool blue tones that appear like waves, whereas the latter sports bolder red tones that seem like tongues of fire. ­Everything about these two just scream Oriental Japan.


  • Deals a high amount of damage
  • High penetration power
  • High accuracy at long range
  • High damage per second
  • Capable of instant kill from a headshot


  • Small magazine size
  • Low rate of fire
  • High spread and recoil
  • Heaviest and most expensive pistol
  • Damage drops off at long range

CS:GO Skins – AK-47 Hydroponic


The AK-57 Hydroponic was clearly inspired by—you guessed it—plant cultivation, for who knows what reason. The grip and the handguard appear wooden, combined with a bright shade of green accent, and the white receiver finish with bamboo shoots marks. Whether you are a die-hard fan of Japan or you just really happen to like plants, this skin is probably worth adding to your collection of CS:GO items. There’s nothing quite like it, really.


  • Kills helmet wearing opponents with one shot to the head
  • High damage
  • Fast reload
  • High first shot accuracy
  • Price to performance is high, and is cheaper than the M4A1, M4A4 and M4A1-S
  • Effective at all ranges
  • First 8-9 bullets can have little to no side to side recoil


  • High recoil
  • Loses accuracy when firing multiple rounds
  • Low rate of fire for an assault rifle
  • Fairly heavy
  • One of the loudest rifles

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