CSGO Skins eSports Show: Best Reality TV

Aside from getting CSGO skins based on them, CSGO players who are a part of the eSports scene also get a bit of airtime, as there are TV channels that show eSports competitions. But despite their exposure, they’re hardly considered as TV stars. That, however, is about to change, because there’s an upcoming reality TV show about, well, CSGO eSports

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CSGO market – SMG Rework

csgo market counter strike global offensive

The csgo market also offers cs go skins for smg. SMG got rework. These babies got valve’s attention. From their crappy sounds to sounds of harmony, and their recoil patterns are also changed. Speaking of the gun sounds, they are much better and realistic. They don’t sound like plastic BB guns anymore. In the competitive scene, the SMG is just

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CSGO Skins – Rituals

csgo skins counter strike global offensive

CSGO skins collectors barely notice that importance of rituals and warm ups. It is why some players with cs go skins are underperforming. This might not be a case to every counter strike players out there. There are counter strike players who do a kind of ritual before playing competitive counter strike global offensive. For some players, this is what

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