CSGO Skins Assault Tips Part 2: CT Style

Alright, we’re done catering to terrorists. This time around, we’ll be teaching our CT friends the proper approach on the map. After all, they need it a lot, as they’re already at a disadvantage. So if you and your CSGO skins are joining their ranks, then you better read up. In Assault, it’s not easy when you’re on the outside

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CSGO Skins: s1mple Man

There are just some CSGO players who are too good at the game for, well, their own good. Apparently, to reach that skill level and circumstance is possible; if you are Oleksander Kostyliev, or more simply (pun intended) known as s1mple. And right now he’s poised to tear up the scene and rack up CSGO skins left and right. CSGO

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CSGO market – Complete Guide to Competitive Solo Queue


Competitive solo queue is stressful because a player’s rank is on the line, the rank that determines a player’s skill, which determines his social value in the counter strike community. Therefore, players are taking it way too seriously. Counter strike is a team game. Basically, a competent player has to deal with normal people and cyber monkeys. When it comes

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