In-Depth Grenade Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers Part 1


Grenades, for some players, are not a big factor. They are wrong. Grenades are potentially a game changer especially when used at the right moment at the right time. There are four types of grenade: Flashbang, Decoy Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Highly explosive grenade and flame grenade. Flashbang, decoy grenade and smoke grenade are under the utility grenades, while highly explosive

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In-Depth Movement Guide for CS:GO Skins Collectors Part 2


In the previous part we discussed the various kinds of movement in counter strike global offensive. Movements such as: running, walking, and crouching. In summary, running is sacrificing accuracy over speed and running makes noise for enemy to have an idea regarding your current position. Walking has slightly better accuracy than running, but running is still faster, walking does not

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[CSGO Weapons] M4A4 Weapon Overview for CS:GO Market Shoppers


M4A4 is a rifle most used by counter terrorist whether in competitive play or casual play. The weapon is very popular since the later version of counter strike. It is the standard weapon for counter terrorists. M4A4 is the counterpart of terrorist’s Ak-47. This article will review the counter terrorist’s weapon – M4A4 M4A4 Weapon Overview for CS:GO Market Shoppers:

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[Guide] CSGO AK-47 In-Depth Guide for CS:GO skins Shoppers Part 2

CS:GO skins-cs-skins-cs:go-items-cs:go-vs-css

The first part of this article discussed: Ak-47’s overview, spray pattern and advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will now discuss the tapping, spraying and bursting. We will go in-depth about tapping, sparing and bursting, what are those? When to burst? When to spray? And etc… Such questions will be answered in this article. Ak-47 Weapon Guide for CS:GO

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Counter Terrorist Team Overview for CS:GO market shoppers

Throughout the years of counter strike in the gaming industry, casual gamers viewed counter terrorist and terrorist similar (except the appearance,) while it is not. There are several differences between counter terrorist and terrorist. Hardcore gamers must have noticed this already, but for casual gamers, they probably not. This article will provide information specifically about counter terrorist, regarding their starting

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[Beginner’s Guide] A Fresh Start-up for CS:GO market shoppers


Before starting counter strike global offensive, there are few things to consider. The common game modes that are frequently played by players, difference between counter terrorist and terrorist, and shooting mechanics. A Fresh Start-up for CS:GO market shoppers: Common Game Modes The popular game modes are “defuse” and “hostage rescue”. These modes are frequently played in competitive mode and usually

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