Rarest Skins in the CS:GO Market: StatTrack Night for Knives

Time to brush up on your Counterstrike items knowledge, CS:GO market shoppers! As you may know, a unique feature exclusively available to Counterstrike: Global Offensive is the ability to dress your weapons with awesome skins. Kill like a badass and look like it too. Skins change the weapon’s overall appearance by changing its color scheme, adding a patterned print or

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Shotgun Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers Part 5


Basically, on bomb defusal mode, counter terrorists play as the defensive, while terrorists play the offensive. Wherein, the counter terrorists are always the first bunch to arrive at the bomb site, following the terrorists. Therefore, counter terrorists have the advantage due to the first team to secure an objective, while terrorist could strategize, and apply pressure through playing the mind

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