CSGO Skins – Volume of E-Sports Viewers

csgo skins counter strike global offensive

If there is a csgo peak year, this is definitely not counter strike global offensive’s peak year. Recently, csgo had a diminishing breakdown of its E-Sports viewership. Counter strike is still a good E-Sport, and it will be for a long time. Counter strike is still a good game; it takes tons of practice and very rewarding, learning the game.

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Top Pro Players fo CS:GO Market Shoppers: GuardiaN

Counterstrike: Global Offensive is one of the biggest e-sports games in the world, especially in the professional competitive league, known for its gripping action guns and has gained millions of fans with a thriving CS:GO market. Players, CS:Go market shoppers and fans all over the world gather all year in different competitions and tournaments to witness the best of the best

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Pro Players’ Integrity for CS:GO skins Collectors


This article serves as a message to professional players who have lost their passion over money. Professional players are developed through their own burning passion. A professional player being integrated in such scheme kills the electronic sports industry. It finally came, video games considered as a new form of sports. Now, those passionate people who created electronic sports are slowly

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