CSGO Skins – Veteran’s Eyes


Through playing counter strike global offensive thousands of times, a player will develop a veteran’s eye. It is an eye that notices everything about counter strike: the game’s flow, precise damage calculations, radar awareness and exclusive reflexes for playing counter strike. Perhaps, these skills are accumulated by players who played hundred thousands of counter strike games. Furthermore, veterans don’t only

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How CSGO Skins (Actually) Saved Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Would you be willing to spend $400 on CSGO skins? More than half of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s players around the world would. In fact, what really convinced them to stay playing is the wide array of CS skins at your disposal. Find out how CSGO skins actually saved Counter-Strike in our feature below! A New Feature | CS:GO Skins Plenty

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Global Offensive Grenades Overview in the CS:GO Market Part 1

Grenades are used to zone and fan out enemy ranks to ruin their formation, an essential tactic in a competitive war game such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Find out more about the different grenades already available in-game and also purchasable from the community through the CS:GO marketplace in the article below. Grenades Overview – The Molotov in the CS:GO

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CS:GO Skins – Icarus Fell, Poseidon, and Medusa in Gods and Monsters

Excited for the new skins, weapons, and maps the come with the updates? Well, good news! In this article, three of the coolest weapon skins from the Gods and Monsters collection will be featured—namely the M4A1-S Icarus Fell, the M4A4 Poseidon, and the AWP Medusa. Do note that the availability of skins from the collection is currently restricted to operation

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Top Overrated and Expensive Items in the CS:GO Market

cs:go market skin

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, players value overall aesthetics just as much as their weapon’s accuracy. Do note that these aren’t necessarily the most expensive skins ever sold in CS:GO. Different Items and Skin Types Available in the CS:GO Market Skins make the game a lot more interesting, because they give you a certain identity—and of course, bragging rights when you

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[Beginner’s Guide] A Fresh Start-up for CS:GO market shoppers


Before starting counter strike global offensive, there are few things to consider. The common game modes that are frequently played by players, difference between counter terrorist and terrorist, and shooting mechanics. A Fresh Start-up for CS:GO market shoppers: Common Game Modes The popular game modes are “defuse” and “hostage rescue”. These modes are frequently played in competitive mode and usually

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