The Dark Side of CSGO Market

csgo market counter strike global offensive

The csgo market is darker than one foresee. It is not only the case of scamming a player’s csgo cases.

The community is what makes counter strike global offensive even more attractive. We got youtubers who give us tons of information to improve in the game and much more to give us a place to gamble. Is gamble a good thing? Well, for adults it might be, but never for kids. And this is currently the crisis one of these youtubers are facing now. Let’s say that half of these youtuber’s subscribers are under the age of 21.

A youtuber with millions of subscriber has been caught as the owner of a certain gambling website.

CSGO market – Youtuber

A prominent youtuber can produce an insane amount of money through product advertising and youtube itself. However, this youtuber with million subscribers is not satisfied yet. He wanted more. He wanted to take over the world and become a man who is wealthier than the man in the Microsoft. And he tried to do this through focusing a single game – csgo. He didn’t invent a thing. He only releases entertaining videos.

Basically, youtube and exploitation of the internet is going crazy. Well, the Internet is a crazy invention in the first place. If used really well, it could bring world peace or even doom’s day. And this youtuber utilized the internet to gain wealth.


E-Sport is starting to become serious business now. It is starting to transform or abominate. There are tons of issues in the E-Sports now, deeper than you can think of. One is matchmaking where the game becomes scripted.

The Future of Online Gaming

E-Sport is not old enough. It is just a kid that could not handle its own problems. If people wanted E-Sport to be successful, there has to be an Iron hand that will hold these games together or an iron hand that holds a certain game.