Top Overrated and Expensive Items in the CS:GO Market

cs:go market skin

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, players value overall aesthetics just as much as their weapon’s accuracy. Do note that these aren’t necessarily the most expensive skins ever sold in CS:GO.

csgo skins

Different Items and Skin Types Available in the CS:GO Market

Skins make the game a lot more interesting, because they give you a certain identity—and of course, bragging rights when you get the rarest of them all. There are several different grades of weapon skins according to their rarity:

  • White skins are consumer grade
  • Light Blue skins are industrial grade
  • Dark Blue skins are rare
  • Purple skins are mythical or restricted
  • Pinkish Purple skins are legendary
  • Red skins are ancient

CZ75-Auto: Victoria in the CS:GO Marketplace

Victoria, Stat Trak, Factory New, The Arms Deal 3 Collection, February 2014


  • Inflicts more damage against armored opponents than the Glock, P2000 and USPS
  • This is the only fully automatic pistol, making it more effective in close range combat than the other pistols
  • It can score a one-hit headshot on an enemy wearing a helmet at a very close range


  • When fired in full-auto, it becomes very inaccurate
  • Its first shot has the lowest accuracy out of all the pistols in CS:GO
  • Very low ammunition reserve (12 rounds) and a smaller magazine than most pistols (12 rounds)
  • A poor weapon of choice outside close-mid range combat
  • Long draw and reload time (compared to most of the other pistols)
  • Low kill reward

Desert Eagle: Golden Koi in the CS:GO Marketplace

Golden Koi, Stat Trak, Minimum Wear, The Bravo Collection, September 2013


  • High damage pistol
  • High penetration
  • High accuracy at long range (compared to its counter-parts) in CS:GO
  • High DPS (damage per second) due to its instant kill from a headshot even if a helmet is worn by the target


  • Small magazine size compared to other pistols
  • Low rate of fire
  • High spread and recoil
  • The heaviest and most expensive pistol in Global Offensive
  • Damage noticeably drops off at long range making it a 3-hit kill in some situations

Dual Berettas: Cobalt Quartz in the CS:GO Marketplace


  • Cobalt Quartz, Souvenir, Factory New, The Lake Collection, November 2013
  • Higher damage prior to CS:GO
  • Higher rate of fire when fired fast as possible
  • Higher magazine capacity
  • Cheaper ammo cost
  • Higher ammo capacity in reserve
  • Can be purchased by both teamsin CS:GO
  • More likely to kill unarmored targets with 1 headshot


  • Less accurate
  • Higher spread
  • Lower damage in CS:GO
  • Expensive
  • Longer reload time
  • Louder
  • Unable to instantly kill armored targets with 1 head shot

Five-SeveN: Case Hardened in the CS:GO Marketplace

Case Hardened, Stat Trak, Factory New, The Arms Deal 2 Collection, November 2013


  • Large magazine size
  • Can instantly killarmored enemies if a headshot is scored in CS:GO
  • High damage
  • Quiet firing sound
  • Short reload time
  • Relatively cheap
  • High crouching accuracy


  • Low damage in all CS games
  • Expensive
  • Long reload time compared to other pistols
  • Not very accurate and single head shots are no longer lethal at longer ranges

Glock 18 Fade in the CS:GO Marketplace

Factory New, The Assault Collection, August 2013


  • Large magazine size (20)
  • High rate of fire
  • Default pistol for the Terrorists
  • Low recoil
  • Light weight
  • Short reload time
  • Burst-fire mode


  • Low damage in all CS games prior to CS:GO
  • Expensive Long reload time compared to other pistols
  • Not very accurate and single head shots are no longer lethal at longer ranges

P2000: Ocean Foam, $31 in the CS:GO Marketplace

Ocean Foam, Stat Trak, Factory New, The Bravo Collection, September 2013


  • High damage for a default pistol
  • Default pistol for theCounter-Terrorists
  • High accuracy
  • High reserve ammunition


  • Fairly low damage against armored opponents
  • Slow rate of fire

P250: Mehndi in the CS:GO Marketplace

Mehndi, Stat Trak, Factory New, The Winter Offensive Collection, December 2013


  • Capable of one-hit kills to the head at close range even with theHelmet equipped
  • Very cheap
  • Inflicts more damage against armored opponents than the Glock-18, P2000, and the USP-S
  • Low/manageable recoil
  • Best pistol for most situations


  • When fired continuously, it becomes less accurate
  • Low ammunition reserve
  • Less effective outside close range combat
  • Slightly worse first shot accuracy than the Glock and the P2000

Tec-9: Nuclear Threat in the CS:GO Marketplace

Nuclear Threat, Minimal Wear, The Nuke Collection, August 2013


  • Acceptable damage
  • Instant kill to the head
  • Cheap
  • Good rate of fire
  • Average reload time
  • High penetration
  • High magazine capacity
  • High reserve ammunition (120)


  • High recoil
  • Wide spread upon continuous fire
  • Low accuracy

USP-S: Orion in the CS:GO Marketplace

Orion, Stat Trak, Factory New, The Huntsman Collection, May 2014


  • Silenceris available
  • Better recoil control (18 vs 19)
  • No tracers if the silencer is attached


  • Smaller magazine and less reserve ammo
  • Lower accurate range
  • Greater weapon length

AK-47: Fire Serpent in the CS:GO Marketplace

Fire Serpent, Stat Trak, Well-Worn


  • Killshelmet wearing opponents with one shot to the head
  • High damage
  • Fast reload
  • High first shot accuracy
  • Price to performance is high, and is cheaper than the M4A1, M4A4 and M4A1-S
  • Effective at all ranges
  • First 8-9 bullets can have little to no side to side recoil


  • High recoil
  • Loses accuracy when firing multiple rounds
  • Low rate of fire for an assault rifle
  • Fairly heavy
  • One of the loudest rifles

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