Top Pro Players for CS:GO Market Shoppers: Happy

As players and CS:GO market shoppers, you should you know and be familiar with the best of the best players in the game. It is inevitable to come across these names of these famous pro players. You never know, you might learn a thing or two from them. These players are what every CS:GO market shopper and player should aim to be. On today’s article we will be talking about Happy. Read on below for more information.

Vincent “Happy” Cervoni Schopenhauer: A Background for CS:GO Market Shoppers

Vincent “Happy” Cervoni Schopenhauer was born in November 23rd, 1991 in France. He is widely known as a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player and former Counter-Strike: Source pro player. Happy is known for his aggressive and risky play style. His impressive plays usually captivate his fans and the audience, creating highlight-worthy plays. He is currently the in-game leader and rifler (lurker) for Team EnVyUs.

Happy’s Counterstrike Gaming Career for CS:GO Market Shoppers

Vincent Schopenhauer was originally known as “EMSTQD” before in the earlier Counterstrike series and changed his in game name to “Happy” once Counterstrike: Global Offensive came out. He made his mark in the Counterstrike professional gaming scene in December 2007 with GlobalTeam. They had an impressive career and later on signed with Epsilon on February 2008. They quickly found fame and glory, becoming one of the best Counterstrike professional teams in the country. In July, they secured an unexpected victory at The eXperience LAN in Denmark.

However, despite having a successful career with GlobalTeam, Happy decided to leave a few months later to create a team of his own. In 2009 he successfully formed team Creativ’. This didn’t last though as he decided to re-join Ex6TenZ’s team, redLine, In October 2009. Shortly after they were signed by VeryGames and managed to win EPS France VI, place 2nd in Dreamhack Winter and MaXlan later that year. In February 2010 Happy decided to prioritize his academic year and left VeryGames. During the following years he was seen in game in small teams, leading younger players aspiring to be pros. The most memorable of this time was 2011 3DMAX squad as he managed to place 3rd at Copenhagen Games 2011.

In August 2012 Counterstrike: Global Offensive came out and he changed his in game name to “Happy”. With this change, he formed a new team called PRIME with his good friends apEX and Maniac. It was not long before they got picked up by Team eXtensive! which would later on  became in January 2013.

Unfortunately LDLC decided to disband in August 2013. Happy didn’t want to stop playing and formed another mix team called WE GOT GAME with fxy0 and GMX among other players. Recursive eSports picked them up before Dreamhack Winter 2013. They showed a lot of potential and placed 2nd behind NiP. However, due to lack of funds, Recursive eSports have dropped their CS:GO division on 20th January 2014. Players stuck together, despite this, and created team Nameless.

Nameless and Clan-Mystik merged their teams as they joined in February 2014. Happy has managed to lead this team to 1st place in DreamHack Valencia 2014, 5th-8th placing in EMS One Katowice and 3-4th placing in ESL One: Cologne 2014.

Happy has continued to lead his team and dominate competitions. The world continues to marvel at Happy’s leadership throughout the years that have created impressive results.

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