Top Rarest CS:GO Skins in the Market Part 1

Hey there CS:GO market shoppers! We all know that there is a multitude of available skins in the market for all kinds of weapons. But do you know which CS:GO skins rank the rarest? These skins are extremely hard to come by, and if you do find one in the market or available for CS:GO trading, it won’t come cheap. You gotta keep a sharp eye on the varieties of skins and on today’s article we will be talking about the top rarest CS:GO skins in the market. Read on below for full details.

AWP Rarest CS:GO Skins

The AWP is a very popular bolt-action sniper rifle because of its power and availability for both Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. It is famous for one shot, one kill ability. This gun has two very rare and magnificently beautiful CS:GO skins.

dragon lore

The Dragon Lore AWP skin is no doubt a beautiful one. It features a golden yellow gun with a Chinese dragon art on the base, breathing fire. The scope appears to be designed to look like a Chinese finger trap with its checkered black and green print.


The Medusa is a completely badass skin that features the menacing stare of medusa with her hair flowing wild with the hues of blue and green, the color of the ocean. Kill like a badass and look like it too!

M4A4 Rarest CS:GO Skins

The M4A4 is one of the most popular gun for CS:GO gamers. It is a full-auto assault rifle that is more accurate than the AK-47. It is an exclusive gun to Counterstrike: Global Offensive, replacing the M4A1, which is only available to Counter-Terrorists.


The Howl is famous for its copyright controversy. It is a Contraband skin and extremely rare in the market. It was previously removed for a short duration due to copyright claims and was later re-released with alterations to the design. It features a roaring beast ready to bite with black and red patterns.


The Bizon Modern Hunter FN CS:GO skin for the M4A4 is another rare skin. It is included in the Militia Collection Skins and features a design that gives off the illusion of decay with scratches and patches where the paint seems to have come off.

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