Top Rarest CS:GO Skins in the Market Part 2: Dopplers

A unique feature of Counterstrike: Global Offensive is the ability to dress your weapons in skins. These skins change the weapons’ overall appearance from changing its colors to print designs to art. There are a large variety of CS:GO skins available in the market for guns and knives alike. A CS:GO skins shopper must develop a good eye. There are a couple of CS:GO skins in the market that are very rare and on this article series we will get to know them. On the previous article, which you may read here, we talked about a couple of rare skins for guns. On today’s article we will talk about one of the the top rarest CS:GO skins for knives: Dopplers.

Doppler CS:GO Skins for Knives

Doppler skins are exclusively available to knives. Its design changes the color and pattern of the blade. The design takes on a marbleized like look that gives off a sleek, modern and elegant feel. Additionally, the marble-like design makes the colors of the blade glint in the light which is one of the reasons why it is so popular among players and CS:GO market shoppers. Doppler CS:GO skins are truly beautiful and is desirable to all players but half of them are very rare. Doppler skins available come in 7 variations namely:

  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
  • Phase 4
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Black Pearl


Rare Black Pearl Doppler CS:GO Skins for Knives

The Black Pearl Doppler is a beautiful skin but also the rarest among the Doppler skins. This skin consists of 100% of the “Black” described in the Phases. Although it is black as can be, it has hints of faded purple, faded red and faded yellow. Additionally, it is the only knife skin that is classified as “Ancient”.


Rare Rubby Doppler CS:GO Skins for Knives

This Ruby Doppler consists of 100% marbleized bright Ruby color. It is a beautiful skin that bathes your blade in the crimson color of your enemies’ blood. It is a sleek looking skin that gives off a badass lethal vibe. Its counterpart is the Sapphire Doppler skin which is equally rare. More on that below.


Rare Sapphire Doppler CS:GO Skins for Knives

This Sapphire Doppler consists of 100% marbleized Sapphire. It is an elegant skin that is easy on the eyes, taking the color of bright blue. Its counterpart is the Ruby Doppler skin which is equally rare.

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